What to Wear to A Wedding Reception

The most common question that brides ask about is what to wear to a wedding reception. Many of the answers are obvious, but there are some things brides who plan their wedding very carefully sometimes forget. Remember that it is not only the look you want to portray but also the type of behavior that you want to exhibit at your wedding reception. Some of the most common things to be avoided at wedding receptions include wearing very revealing clothing, wearing shoes that are painful in any way, wearing white dresses for all occasions, and uncomfortable footwear.

Is it a more or less formal wedding reception?

In less formal weddings, the rules on what to wear to a wedding reception are less strict. However, in even more formal weddings, the choices that are made may have to do with what the bride is wearing. For instance, in the case of a wedding that takes place in the autumn or winter, a bride may wish to wear a long, elaborate dress with a high neckline. In less formal weddings that take place in the spring or summer, a bride may choose to wear a more simple, low-cut dress. Regardless of what type of style she chooses, however, it is always wise to coordinate her accessories with her outfit.

wedding reception

When it comes to what to wear to a casual wedding, the options are endless. One thing that brides often forget when selecting what to wear to a casual affair is that they should not be too casual. Instead, many brides wear gowns that are way too long, too short, or otherwise inappropriate for their wedding theme. Instead of focusing on what not to wear, focus on what to wear.

What should brides wear?

Brides should select a simple mid-tone dress that is elegant but not too overbearing. Choose a dark-colored or simple dress so that he or she does not draw too much attention to his or her lack of elegance. Black is often the classic choice.

For beach wedding

If you are having a beach wedding then you will not want to wear white sandals or anything related to beach life. You may want to consider wearing white sandals with some bright colors for your wedding theme. You will also want to consider what not to wear to a wedding reception if you are having an outdoor wedding. You will want to wear clothing that does not shed a lot of water from your skin and that does not hold in moisture easily. This means that you will want to steer clear of very light fabrics such as silk for your wedding dresses and that you will want to stay away from very heavy fabrics such as velvet for your bridesmaid dresses.

For formal wedding

You may find that a formal dress will not work for you in your theme if you are having a formal affair. You will want to consider something more casual when it comes to this type of wedding. Formal attire will usually be best for evening weddings. When it comes to what not to wear to a wedding reception, you should consider the type of wedding that you will be attending as well as the weather.

For winter wedding

You may not want to wear black or navy blue for a winter wedding. You can always find a nice alternative color that will match the motif of the wedding very nicely. Winter weddings can be quite beautiful with the sparkling of the snow and the green of the leaves. You may want to consider something like a long flowing dress with a bodice of lighter color and perhaps a faux fur trim.

For summer wedding

The same thing can be said about what not to wear to a wedding reception that is held in the summer. You will often find that the sun is shining and you want to wear light and colorful clothes. This is especially true if the wedding is on the beach or in a tropical setting. You will not want to dress too warmly for a wedding in the summer unless it is a very casual beach wedding.

bride and groom casually dressed for summer beach wedding

What should grooms wear?

The top that a man should wear to a wedding reception should be a pressed, buttoned dress shirt. Dress shirts should be worn in a business-like manner and should never be worn casually. Instead of wearing a jacket, choose a simple tuxedo vest. Tuxedos should be accompanied by a matching vest or shirt that has a matching tie. When paired with a vest, it will not only provide a balance but will also dress up a simple, unbuttoned shirt.

Men should also dress for their wedding reception in a more casual manner. It is not a good idea to wear a shirt with a suit and tie. This can be disastrous for a man who is trying to project an air of sophistication. For a more casual look, men can choose dark-colored suits such as khakis or dress pants. For a more casual look, consider wearing a tuxedo vest with a dress shirt that is simple.

The way a man dresses for a wedding reception will vary according to his personality and preferences. For instance, if he is a fun-loving and outgoing man, he should choose to wear light-colored suits and shoes with a fun-colored shirt and tie. In addition to clothing, it is important for the groom to pay attention to his accessories. He should wear a groom’s watch, silver cufflinks, an overcoat, bow ties, socks, loafers, and a linen or silk pocket square. For the bride, she should consider wearing neutral colors like ivory, cream, or gray. As the bride, you can choose to wear the same accessories that the groom does, or you can even wear your groom’s accessories.