What to Wear for the First Date?

When you go out with your date do you want to look really hot and flirty or totally cool and collected? Do you want to look like a super stud or totally uncool? Whatever you chose should of course to suit you both.

So, what to wear for the first date? In Simple, first impression is everything so what to wear for a casual first date always look good on you! Every man like at first so simple yet real casual dress with real and what to do..


Your body language should also be very subtle. Do not stare at her/him too long with your gaze away from her/his eyes. This is the worst possible thing to do. When you do this you give a signal that you are shy and reserved. You want him/her to make the first impression on you of a totally fun person so keep eyes contact with him/her for as long as possible when you are talking.

Do not wear casual clothes that are too tight. Women love loose clothes and most men love to have their own freedom when it comes to style and fashion. So wear loose clothes that do not show off your body’s cellulite. Also try not to wear clothes that are too long, especially around the legs. A long leg cut short skirt looks really nice on some girls and most men would love to have this on his/her first date.


When wearing casual wear for a first date to consider the color of your clothing. A woman’s skin tone and hair color do not matter as much as what color of the dress you choose to wear. For example: If you have dark hair try to wear lighter colored dresses to avoid turning her off. A skin tone does not matter as much as what color of dress he chooses to wear either. So, if you are a man wearing a red dress on a date with a beautiful woman you should go in a red suit and light green tie and make sure that they are facing each other and that their eyes are making eye contact.


Another important consideration when picking out what to wear for a first impression is what to wear for comfort. Do you want to be stiff and uncomfortable all night? Or do you want a flowing, relaxed dress that will allow you some room to breathe and move a little? Wearing a dress that is too tight can make you look smaller than you actually are, and too loose can make you look like you’re hanging off of the chair. So think about your comfort level when you are picking out your dress.

One last consideration for what to wear for the first impression on a casual date is what to wear for a first date casual wear that shows you are interested in him. You want to give a very positive impression and one that will last for the duration of the evening. So try to pick a dress that is cool, comfortable, and not too revealing. One very revealing dress can turn your first impression into the last impression.

In summary

The key to picking out what to wear for a casual first date with a guy is to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease. And be sure to pick out a dress that shows you are interested in him. And make sure you have had a chance to get to know him a bit. Also, remember casual first date wear is only appropriate for two people who are really not friends. If you are friends, go ahead and let him know, but don’t do anything that could turn him off.