Wedding Planning Tips for a Fashionable Bride

Almost every girl imagines her wedding day from a very young age. Thankfully, now we have possibilities to create the perfect wedding that we always wanted, and combine the love for fashion and trends into our big day. If you want to know what are the characteristics of a fashionable bride, then keep on reading.

The right way to choose the dress

Choosing the dress is probably the biggest decision for many brides because you want it to be just perfect. There are many things you should consider, but it all ultimately leads to your style. However, one tip we are going to give you is to match the wedding dress to the venue. For ballrooms and restaurants, especially if you want a true fairytale wedding, a princess dress may be the choice. For outdoors, boho wedding, you can choose lace, romantic wedding dresses. And if you are having your wedding at a fun location and you want it to be unique and interesting, consider moving away from the traditional white wedding dress and opt for light blue, baby pink, or any other crazy color. 

When you match the dress to the venue, everything will look complete and stylish. If you are having trouble deciding, you can visit a diverse wedding expo to help you with the choice that doesn’t only include dresses, but everything else you need.

The perfect shoe 


You may not think that the choice of shoes is that important since they are probably not going to be noticed under the dress. However, when you are walking, dancing, or even taking photos, you can show them off. Even if no one sees them, choosing a stylish shoe is something that will make you feel even more beautiful and special on your big day. 

For traditional brides, we recommend white, silver, or beige heels, with maybe just a bit detailing on them, like a buckle, or some shine, and glitter. If you are not into conventional styles, bright colors like royal blue or red can be an option. Choose simple ones, with not many embellishments, as they will be enough on their own.

Bridal jewelry

Details are what will take everything to the next level. Even if your wedding dress is simple, you can style everything up, or achieve a certain look by choosing the right jewelry. A stylish bride should invest some time and effort into finding the perfect stud or pearl earrings, for example, as they never go out of style, and can match any dress. Make sure not to choose plastic jewelry, because there is nothing there that says trendy. A small pendant necklace, halo designs, and Swarovski bracelets, for example, are other safe options. If you would like to create a retro vibe, you should look for colored stones and geometric shapes. Another interesting option when it comes to jewelry is a trend of hair accessories, tiaras, and pins, so talk it over with your hairdresser for the day, and let him make you into a real-life princess.

Wedding bouquet


Choosing a wedding bouquet is another thing that will help you complete the whole bridal look. There are some common mistakes that brides usually make, so we are going to help you choose the perfect one. The first thing you should do is match it to the dress. If you have a rich dress, go with a simpler bouquet, but if you have a softer, more neutral dress, you can be creative and emphasize it with a more complex bouquet. Match it to your style as well by choosing the right flowers, so you can either go with natural, wildflowers, classic roses or elegant lilies.

It’s not hard to be a stylish bride since every woman looks glowy and beautiful on her wedding day regardless of the outfit. However, these tips are here to help you choose the main pieces easily, and make everything fit together perfectly.