This Is Why She Hates Your Style

The sentence you have probably heard multiple times coming from your babe is: “You’re wearing THAT?!” Yes, women are known to be a bit judgmental about what their guys wear. And in most cases, you’re not really sure what exactly it is about your style that she finds so repulsive or annoying. You might expect her to like you in spite of your faulty wardrobe and fashion sins, but the judgy look and sarcastic comments probably won’t stop until you address this problem. Below we explained why she hates your style and what you can do to change that for both your and your girlfriend’s sake.

You don’t try

What will most likely get on her nerves the most is the fact that she tries all the time, and you seem to put zero effort into how you look. You’re getting ready to go out, and she spends hours putting on makeup and deciding on which dress you’ll like the most on her and which shoes to go with it, only to see you show up in your sweats or the outfit you wore yesterday.

You wear chains around your neck

Unless you’re in third grade or rapper 2 Chainz on a Halloween party, flashy chain necklaces are a no-no. Although it looks somehow acceptable when celebrities are doing it, and fans might be obsessing over it, there’s a high probability that their girlfriends are not into it either. This look also says a lot about you and your desire to show off and attract attention, especially if it’s gold. However, if you can’t seem to separate from your love for jewelry, you can wear thin ones or half hide them underneath your shirt, which can actually be pretty sexy.

You buy ill-fitting suits

Wearing an ill-fitting pair of jeans or suit is literally an eyesore for your lady. There is probably a myriad of reasons why she hates this style fiasco particularly, but the main one is that you remind her of her primary school prom date who borrowed his dad’s suit. Put in some extra time and effort when you’re shopping for mens suits and book a fitting before the purchase. It’s worth all the hassle – you will please your girl and also look handsome and put-together.

You wear a sports jersey to a date

Yes, it’s adorable when a guy is passionate about sports and his team, but to a certain limit. Most girls enjoy seeing their babes in jerseys when playing street basketball or watching a World Cup game at the bar. Some girls like borrowing them as well. However, this doesn’t mean it should be your go-to outfit for all occasions. Even if you were a member of the NHL or NBA, it still wouldn’t be cool to wear a jersey on a date night, for instance. So try to resist your desire to honor your team spirit 7 days a week, and then on the occasions you do wear it, she may find it cute.

Fedora? Really?

Fedoras are just a no. No excuses, no exceptions, and no way your girl will ever get used to it. Well actually, there is one exception – you girl would probably like it if you were Mad Men’s Don Draper living in the Rat Pack. Since you’re not, stick to one of the plenty of other options you can choose from when it comes to hats and caps. The backward hat look can actually sweep a girl off her feet. Another tip for hat lovers: be a gentleman and learn when to take your hat off.

As a relationship becomes more mature, you both realize that when you truly like someone, they could be wearing a potato sack and you’d still want to be seen in public with them. However, a relationship is also about making small sacrifices in order to make the other person happy. If she’s unhappy about your clothing preferences, take note of the possible reasons and solution we shared above – it’s a small price to pay for making your girl happy.