Style Guide for Every Occasion 2019

A certain outfit can actually say a lot about who we are and it can help us make a good impact on others. People tend to judge others observing the clothes they wear, and they can even draw conclusions about one’s personality from what that person is wearing at that particular moment. If you want to always be seen as someone who is well-dressed and who has a good taste, you should know what outfits are perfect for every occasion. With these several suggestions, it’s impossible to ever make a mistake!

A wedding

formal dress

Unless the bride and the groom decide to go for a certain theme, you should opt for a formal look for weddings. It’s a perfect time to show off the most expensive and beautiful pieces you own, things you can’t wear when there’s a casual occasion in order not to look too pretentious or showy. You can wear really nice materials like silk or georgette, and you can complement your outfit with some nice jewelry and accessories that are more ostentatious than the ones you usually wear. A little tip about color is to never wear white, especially not a white dress, unless you want to offend the bride! 

A cocktail party

Since this is a social gathering where you can dress formally even though it’s an informal occasion, you can go for something that is both dressy and casual at the same time. For example, a nice silky top combined with jeans and a beautiful pair of heels would be a perfect outfit. Men can wear a tuxedo, but they don’t have to match it with the most expensive shoes they own. It’s also a perfect time to choose black color, because it has that evening vibe you want to present.

First date


For a first date, you want to avoid that striking appearance or style, so forget about wearing anything that’s too showy or gaudy. If you want to make a good impression on your crush, choose a simple and comfy look, nothing too elegant. Girls can wear a cute-looking cotton dress and maybe combine it with some footwear they’ll feel pleasant in. For example, you can check out some NRL ugg boots, because they look adorable with basically anything, not to mention they are incredibly comfortable. Guys should wear simple jeans and a T-shirt or a sweater if it’s cold, combined with sneakers they feel good in. However, if you plan a romantic dinner, you can consider more elegant options.

A business dinner

Since you want to be taken seriously, business dinners are not reserved for outfits that are too provocative or revealing. You also mustn’t put too much jewelry or wear something too shiny or bright, because this is not a way to leave a good impression on business partners and clients. Be sophisticated instead and wear elegant clothes.

An interview 

An interview is similar to a business dinner, but you don’t have to wear anything too elegant and chic. However, you still need a look that says you are responsible and trustworthy, so go for a smart-casual one. If you choose to wear a suit, you won’t make a mistake. Whatever you decide, just avoid shorts and skirts or dresses that are too short or sleeveless, as well as too shiny cuts and excessive jewelry.


Now that you know how to dress for every single occasion, you won’t have any problems choosing the best pieces for different types of events. From looking elegant and reliable to wearing uggs and sneakers combined with cozy pieces you feel the most pleasant in, there are times you have to choose a formal style and those when you can just relax and be your most comfortable self.