Sports Photography Tips for Beginners

We all like good photos and admire to know how to capture the photos. Sincerely no school will teach you how to take pictures of objects in motion, you will learn by getting your camera and going out to try, you will make several shoot making many mistakes but you will improve with time.

To be able to handle athletics photography every beginner should have a guide that will assist and also tips to follow. Below are top sports photography tips for beginners that will make you a professional in the future.

1. Purchase a lens that can zoom for over 200mm.

If you are a beginner, you should purchase a lens that can zoom for at least 200 mm. Such high zoom allow you to get closer to the action and hence easy to capture the photograph with ease. You can also be able to capture an individual player while in play.


2. Avoid using full automatic mode.

It is advisable to use semi manual mode of setting as a photographer make a mistake of placing a full automatic mode. While taking an athletic photograph, it is good to avoid this common mistake to make your photography session a successful one.

3. Set a fast shutter speed.

To be able to capture the fast moving objects you need to set a fast shutter speed. When you go to take an athletic photograph you have to set your camera to a 1/500th per second or even higher shutter speed which corresponds to the moving speed of the players.

4. Watch your ISO.

As discussed above shutter speed is crucial in capturing moving objects, the aperture and ISO are the other two very essential components in athletic photography when you want to capture a photo of a football player in a sunny pitch set your camera to a low ISO of about 400 as there is adequate light.

But if it is during a dull day, you should set your camera to an ISO of about 900 to capture a good photo.

5. Use a fast auto-focus mode.

Setting your camera to autofocus mode will make your camera to be able to capture the subjects while on fast speed. Also remember to set a burst that is taking several shots at a time, set your camera to take about 3-6 shots per second, among the 3-6 shots you will find your best picture.


6. Know your sport and position yourself correctly.

When you know your sport and understand your target, position yourself properly and focus on your target. It is basic that when taking an athletic photograph, you should position yourself with the sun behind you to give more light to your subject for the many shots taken at a time.

7. Take many photos.

When you want to come up with best athletic photo, consider taking several pictures that you will choose few out of the many. The many images increase probability of having several quality photos.

8. Avoid being emotionally involved in the play.

Even if it is your best game avoid being emotional and concentrate with your co-business of taking a photograph. With the above sports photography tips for beginners, you are good to go and learn the new career of sports photography, be assured with time and persistence you will become a professional.