Practical and Stylish Tips for the Beach

Whether it’s for vacation, an everyday staple activity or your job, everyone wants to look good when they are at the beach. And while for some people a beach outfit might just be any swimsuit they throw on, real fashionistas know that there is a lot more than a swimsuit that goes into a good beach outfit. So here are some ideas for looking like you belong on the beach:

Be practical

No matter how good you look when you arrive, if you are getting tangled in your own clothing while you’re getting down to your swimsuit in front of the whole beach – you’re going to look ridiculous. You want something that is easy to take off and throw on after you’re done, and preferably something that you won’t make a scene of if it gets covered in sand. Simple slip-on dresses, shorts and skirts should be your go-to for getting to and from the beach.

Have the right bag


Speaking of being practical, your bag is your best friend and you want to choose it wisely. Firstly, it obviously needs to be big enough to comfortably fit all your stuff. The word comfortably is important here, because a bag that is too small will deform when you stuff everything into it and won’t look good at all. It also needs to be waterproof and preferably a material that you can just wipe down when you get home. You can go for a backpack if you want a sportier look.

Dress for the activity


If you know that you are going to the beach to just sunbathe and get some tan, then it doesn’t make much sense to wear a swimsuit that has a lot of weird strings that will leave inexplicable tan lines. And if the plan is to go for some active swimming or another sport, then sports one piece swimsuits are the way to go, because a basic bikini simply won’t give enough support. Or if you’re going to take some photos for Instagram – for the love of God, don’t wear a thin white swimsuit.

Accessories make the outfit

Now that we’ve covered the swimsuit, let’s talk about the outfit. Your basic beach accessories are sunglasses, a big beach hat and your cover-up. These things are where you can really show your style and make something unique of what was a basic swimsuit. But don’t forget that there are other accessories such as body chains, necklaces and headpieces that can all look great with a swimsuit. Try to be creative and make a look that shows who you are and that you feel comfortable in.

Don’t forget hair and makeup

This is a highly debatable part of the outfit, as there are people who will say that any makeup you put on will come off in the water and anything you do with your hair won’t matter when you enter the water. However, there is waterproof makeup and there are hairstyles that will work great if you don’t dunk your head, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t also consider these. That being said, being on the beach, just like being in nature, means you should go light and minimal on makeup if you don’t want to look completely out of place. Go with a “no-makeup look” and a casual hairstyle, because the beach is, after all, a casual place.


Especially today when everyone has some sort of insecurity that comes out when they’re at the beach, it is important to feel and look good in any outfit you put together. Following these tips will make sure you have a fun day without the need to worry about how you look or whether you have everything together.