Mum Fashion Trends

Becoming a mum should never stop you from dressing up fashionably. If anything, this is the time to rediscover your style and enrich your wardrobe with items that are trendy, flattering and comfortable. Of course, basics will always be the ultimate essential for every mum wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the trends – especially since the trendsetter for current fashion trends has probably been your own mum when she was your age. 

Oversized sweaters and shirts




Oversized everything may be more like it. But when it comes to tops, it’s clear that the oversized trend is going strong in popularity, be those regular shirts, sweaters, knitwear or hoodies. A trendy mum shouldn’t miss the opportunity to jump on this bandwagon as it looks rather nice and flattering, especially if you’re still self-conscious about the belly. Not to mention the plethora of prints and designs available these days – you don’t need to wait for Christmas to rock a silly print on your top!

Comfortable sandals 

Otherwise known as ugly sandals, the trend of ugly-pretty footwear is something that every mum used to be familiar with. And now, modern mums can rock those and enjoy both comfort and fashion. Of course, with this trend becoming bigger than ever, different variations of sandals have hit the market, which means that there’s a pair for everyone, regardless of your preferred style. Is there anything more perfect for running errands, grabbing a quick bite with your friends or taking your little bundle of joy for a walk?

Good old chambray shirt

Nothing says classic as much as a chambray shirt. And, as you can probably guess, it’s one of the hottest items you can own to jazz up your style. It’s great for various casual occasions yet it still makes you look put together with a littler bit of edge to it. Basically, everything that a busy mum would want from a shirt. You can wear it loose or tuck it in and it’s perfect for the changing weather. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for best mum’s fashion online in Australia or America, you’re bound to find a chambray shirt as a staple piece.

Embrace the knitwear

Another great fashion trend that mums know how to rock the best is undoubtedly knitwear, especially twinsets. Those of you who want to feel a bit dressier may find a comfy knit shell and cardigan absolutely irresistible, but if you’re in the mood for something more daring but definitely trendy, fashionable and stylish, don’t hesitate to experiment with knit pencil skirts as well. 

Their majesty the mum jeans

mum jeans

Forever on the throne, mum jeans seem to be the timeless trend that never goes out of style – and for a good reason. The cut is amazingly flattering on different body types. If you haven’t tried these yet, you have to change that as soon as possible. High-waisted, slightly baggy, usually light wash, they can look absolutely stunning when matched with other items properly. In the end, you don’t even have to go with denim. The style is so popular that the mom jeans cut is available in different materials and patterns as well. 

Of course, don’t forget to complete your outfit with a bag that fits it all – something for you, essentials for your child, maybe an extra something for your partner and friends, who knows. That’s the wonder of true mum bags. Luckily, oversized bags are trending this season, which only makes it easier to upgrade your look and have fun. So, treat yourself right, love your body and let yourself enjoy mum fashion trends.