Most Common Types of Fabric

There are different types of fabrics available in the market today. This article aims to enlighten the readers about these different types of fabrics so they can be able to select the appropriate one for their needs. To begin with, we would like to know what fabrics mean and what fabrics are used in different applications. Here, we would also discuss the types of fabric as well as their various functions.

The Different Types of Fabric.

First, we would like to introduce the different types of fabric and the meaning of each one. The basic fabric is a textile material produced by interlacing fine fibers together, usually by weaving or knotted. In general, a basic fabric is called by the name of the fiber used to manufacture it, the pattern and texture, and finally, the manufacturing process applied.

The two most common fabric types are woven and knotted according to fashion stylists. The knotted fabrics are those that have been woven using short pile and long pile yarns. The main reason behind the popularity of knitted fabrics is the fact that they can be produced quickly without the need to cut, sew or machine-wash the garment. However, the disadvantage is that the fabric can be easily damaged if the wearer is not careful enough while wearing the garments.

Woven fabrics

Woven fabrics are the ones that are produced with long pile yarns, i.e., 100% cotton, silk, satin, or any other synthetic fiber. Usually, woven fabrics are seen in dress garments and other products that require heavy-weight materials. It is quite possible to see the difference between a woven fabric and see-through fabric, only if both fabrics are manufactured by the same manufacturer. As for the garments that require fine detail, see-through fabrics are better options.


The cotton textile is the most popular type of fabric used for shirts. These types of shirts are more comfortable to wear. The best thing about the cotton textile is that it can be hand-washed without causing any damage. But, the worst part about it is that it can become damaged very quickly if it is not taken care of properly.


Denim is also popular among different types of garments. In general, the denim has a light texture but sometimes, the texture can change to some extent. But, generally speaking, the denim fabric offers good comfort and durability. Also, it is quite possible to hand-washer the denim without any problem at all.

The lightweight textiles are those that are available in a wide range of colors and textures. It is always recommended to choose a lightweight fabric when you are looking for a perfect garment. The fabric should have a smooth and silky feel to it so that it feels light on your skin. The drapes and pleats in the fabric should not be so strong so that it gives a heavy and stiff look to the garment.

Batiste fabrics

The third type of textile is the batiste fabrics which are derived from natural fibers. The batiste fabric weight is slightly heavier than cotton but it feels light on your skin. It is because the material is derived from natural fibers such as bamboo or linen. The woven look is also a subtle way of giving a refined look to the clothes that are worn with this type of fabric.


The most preferred type of fabric that is preferred by most women is polyester. The polyester makes it possible for women to wear almost any type of pants and skirt without having to worry about the damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Wearing polyester helps in maintaining the temperature of the inside and outside of the clothes. Another benefit of polyester is that the jeans feel soft on the skin.


The lightest type of woven fabric is linen. The linen has a smooth and a slight sheen finish. It is not very durable, but it comes in a variety of stylish patterns and designs. Linen shirts are quite comfortable to wear as well. The construction of linen clothes is quite similar to cotton clothes.