Introduction to Native American Jewelry

Welcome to Native American jewelry. We are native people of the USA with vast experience in jewelry. We offer a wide range of jewelry for our customers. We have choices for both men and women. Hence in need of every type of jewelry, you can purchase from us.

Whether you want to buy as a gift for a friend or your spouse we have your need covered. We provide the best personal adornment for you. You also buy for yourself, and you will stand out with these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Also, we sell large sums of jewelry to those intending to start a jewelry shop. We have sold large numbers of jewelry to different areas. Our jewelry includes bracelets, rings and many more. Both men and women adornments exist.

Types of jewelry that you can buy from us

These are just a few of the types that we have, necklaces, bangles, pins, earrings, belt buckles, bracelets, rings watches, and pendants. These are other more pieces of jewelry that are available. All you need to do is to give us a visit.

Raw materials

Our jewelry is made from naturally occurring substances. These are common materials from minerals, plants, animals and human-made elements. Crystals are the metals and gemstones. For plants are vegetable fibers and hardwoods. From animals, we have bones, teeth, and hides. Manmade materials include quillwork and beadwork. Carvers, Beaders, metalsmiths, and lapidaries make use of these materials to make jewelry.

What it reflects

The Native American jewelry shows many essential elements. Through them, the cultural diversity is well seen. History of makers is revealed but not that much. This is because groups have copied others cultures and practices.

Major jewelry producing area

The famously known jewelry is the southwest jewelry. Its Heishe necklaces were made in ancient times by southwest tribes. It is made up of several places. The history of these areas dates back to many years since their establishment. They produce a range of jewelry both for men and women.


They include Apache, Zuni, Navajo, Kewa Peublo and Hopi pieces of jewelry. The silversmiths dominate the four corners of the region. The essential element of the design is an art of lapidary. The most decorations are made using blue and green turquoise.


The Native American jewelry and art are among the famous jewelry in the world. It dates back to 8800 BCE. During this time indigenous communities practiced but not so much. These tribes shaped stones and shells to make clothing. Later Native American arts came up and advanced. The shaping of stones and other items became ways of making adornments. Gemstones and symbols are the famous Native American jewelry.

Functions of Native American jewelry

It has its functions throughout the history. It serves as a trading commodity, culture, fashion, and status as well as pride. Currently, it does not depict cultures of workers involved. This is because people have copied others cultures. After copying and they make it impossible to know about one’s culture through arts.

Other pieces of jewelry have been discovered as remains. We are also finding more ornaments and trying making them. Many people have seen a need to use our items. Women wear most of the jewelry. They give a good outlook when worn.


The famous artists are George Philips, Effie Calavaza and Tommy Singer. They all have a vast knowledge of jewelry having worked for many years. Everybody got experience in various places. They contribute a lot to the emerging work of art.

Shop with us if possible and get the best of your choice. Have a test of cultural and fashion then you will be proud of this Native American jewelry.