How to Turn Comfortable into Fashionable

Up to recently, the words like fashionable and comfortable didn’t always get along, but we know how fashion keeps changing and surprising us; and lately, people have been choosing to blend items of clothing that are chic and elegant with the ones that are rather sporty and comfy more than ever. It looks like nowadays it is even cool to go out in your pajama pants. In fact, a number of bloggers have reported to have worn them in public, and it is totally acceptable, even trendy now. So yeah, we can say that there are definitely some ways to turn comfortable into fashionable, and if you want to learn more about it, reading this article is a great start! 

Learn more about the athleisure movement


Perhaps you’ve heard by now that there is this very cool new fashion trend called athleisure, which allows us to wear clothing meant for working out and other athletic activities in different settings as well. For example, we can wear sweatshirts and sweatpants to work, and we can even combine them with something elegant like heels or a fancy coat. It’s very popular at the moment and an increasing number of people are trying something like this, feeling very comfy and chic at the same time.   

Look up to the Scandinavians  

If you know something about the Nordic fashion, you are probably familiar with their love for combining fashionable items with the sporty ones that are incredibly comfy. Even their men enjoy dressing up and looking chic while also wearing something comfortable at the same time, so you can notice how they have peculiar and interesting, definitely one-of-a-kind outfits. For instance, they match fancy designers’ pieces with comfy and quality men’s Birkenstocks, or they wear chic and trendy tops, but unite them with some sneakers that feel very comfy. 

The Scandinavians in general are the masters of conjoining sporty and classy and they turn even the most comfortable pieces fashionable, so we can learn a lot from them. If you want to look like them, you should know that a black color palette is their number one choice, but they also love universal tones such as white, ivory, grey, brown, navy blue and pastels. Choose simple items of one of these colors for starters, and then decide on the rest of the outfit.

Be audacious and wear pajama pants in public 

You’ve read it right! Wearing pajama pants in public is now totally acceptable. It is even cool. However, we don’t mean those flannel plaid drawstrings. It should be something more appealing, so go for the ones that are silky and luxurious. Another thing you should know is that no one will even notice you are actually wearing pajamas if you combine them with a simple tee and add a jacket, maybe a blazer, or a sweater that keeps you warm and feels cozy. A look like this is both comfy and fashionable for sure!

Feel free to combine anything with one sporty item  



You want to look really nice, classy and chic, but you also want all the comfort you can get. If this is the case, feel free to combine basically anything with at least one sporty item. For example, pick leggings as the basis, and choose whatever you want to enrich the outfit. You can also wear a nice-looking jumpsuit with elegant shoes and bag, or you can wear a beautiful maxi dress with sneakers. There are many possibilities, and since combining sporty and elegant is trendy, you can’t make a wrong move!

Anyone can look fashionable while feeling comfortable these days, and it isn’t difficult to achieve it at all. If you learn more about the Athleisure and the Scandinavian fashion, you will see how easily people conjoin chic fancy items with the ones they feel quite comfy in. Luckily for us, fashion is always unpredictable and full of surprises, and now it brings us comfort and elegance united!