How to Complete Your Look: Accessories Styling Tips

Somehow, a look is never completed without the addition of effective accessories. Regardless of whether you like to dress casually or full-on formal and professional, or maybe even like to rock a more unique look such as boho or goth aesthetics, accessories will make a huge difference in the way it all comes together. The following tips and tricks might give you some idea on how to elevate your everyday looks, too.

Have fun with scarves


Scarves are a great way to add more texture to your outfit and an extra fun layer that will keep you warmer during colder months and properly covered up during the hot weather when you’re on the beach. But, there’s a lot more to scarves than what you might think at first. For starters, you can always explore different ways of tying a scarf for a more interesting look. Furthermore, scarves can be worn as headbands and head pieces, as well as decorative details on brim hats or as unique belts. And if you don’t need a scarf at the moment, tie it around your bag’s strap! Also, consider using rings or brooches to further decorate and accessorize your scarf. 

Layer your jewellery

The old-school rule that states you should never wear a full set of striking jewellery still stands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with more delicate pieces and layer them most fashionably. After all, layering is a huge trend and not just one reserved for clothing. For instance, if you’re wearing a watch, don’t hesitate to add more texture with thinner dangly, pearl or bangle bracelet(s). Similarly, if you want to wear a more striking choker, don’t hesitate to pair it with more dainty necklaces as well. Even when it comes to earrings, consider doing two or three (or more if you want) piercings, so that you can effectively match delicate and elegant silver earrings with drop or chandelier ones, for instance. As far as rings are concerned, you can easily stack them on and even play with knuckle rings a bit more. 

Match your bag and shoes

If you want to look stylish and fashionable, you should definitely try your best to match the shades of your bag and shoes. This is one of the most popular accessorizing tricks that can elevate your outfit instantly. If your shoes or bag feature more colors, make sure to match with at least one color. In case you don’t own same-colored shoes and bags, you can still make the most out of this trick and actually match your shoes to your gloves, hat and/or scarf. In general, you don’t have to match every single accessory item you wear such as shoes, belt, bag, hat, gloves and scarf. But, you should separate these in two groups at least and then match these groups color-wise. 

Add a statement piece


As mentioned, matching is important, but you can always add an extra touch to your outfit with a statement accessory. You want to balance out your outfit, but then you can use one item to add a nice personal touch that’s just the perfect amount of extravagant. Essentially, these can be your shoes or tights, one layer in your outfit such as shirt or cardigan, a scarf and maybe even a piece of jewellery; necklace is especially effective in this case. 

The important thing you want to remember when accessorizing is that accessories are not there to outshine your outfit, but actually make your outfit look more fashionable, stylish, personal and put together. Most importantly, you should really enjoy and like the accessories you use.