How to Choose the Right Shoes for Workout

A few years ago, a single pair of sneaks was enough for all the activities such as gardening, walking, running, and biking. Today, things are different and each workout has a specific shoe that can hardly be used on a different workout. That being the case, shopping for the right shoes for a workout can be overwhelming especially if buying for the very first time. Shoes are highly specialized and if you want to make the right choice, this article is for you and here is everything you need to know on how to choose the right shoes depending on the choice of your workout.


Besides your personal preferences such as weight of the shoes, manufacturer and color, there are two key considerations you need to keep in mind as long as running shoe is concerned; how much shock absorption you’re looking for and your gait. Your gait dictates your way of running and describes how your feet will hit the ground.

Sneaker 2

Those running on the outside of their feet are regarded as supinators, running inside the feet makes them pronators and if the feet don’t fall on the inside or inside, the person is said to be neutral. A athletic shoes are specifically made to counter over supination or over pronation which makes your feet fall neutral. When shopping for a running shoe, make a choice based on your gait and weight which will ensure you suffer fewer injuries related to exercise.


Are you the kind of person who likes going from one country to another for hiking? If yes, you need to purchase shoes that offer both cushioning and support. If the places you intend to explore have a variety of weather conditions, opt for waterproof shoes as they will keep your feet comfortable regardless of the weather.

If intending to explore hilly places, choose the shoes that will protect your ankle such as boots.


If you are serious about biking, you need shoes designed for this workout. Cycling shoes should be stiff which saves your energy. If for instance, you opt to use running shoes while biking, you end up wasting a lot of energy because the sole of these shoes absorbs your downward effort. In addition, you need to choose between clip-oriented and clip free shoes for biking. This will help you enjoy the biking experience because these shoes offer control as well as constant contact with the pedal ensuring that every pull and push of the stroke is flawless.


Do you love going to the gym from time to time? If yes, you should make the workout enjoyable with the right shoes. Weightlifting shoes are specifically designed to allow for deep squats. They are rigid with a high heel and a plastic mold on the bottom.

Court sports

Court sports such as badminton, basketball, tennis, squash, and volleyball have been excellent ways to stay fit but require special attention as long as the choice of shoes is concerned. Given that court sports require a lot of side-to-side movements.


The shoes must be supportive of non-marking soles that will help you move in all direction without causing any injury. If you want to enjoy the things you do, avoid shoes with thick soles as they will be unstable and can lead to injuries anytime.

Final thoughts

Different people involve themselves in different workouts just to stay fit and they enjoy a specific workout because they believe it’s fruitful. However, you can fail to enjoy your favorite workout just because of the shoes you wear. We care so much about you – we want you to enjoy your favorite workout without injuries and this article will help you in making the right choice when buying the right workout shoes.