How to Choose the Best Wedding Shoes for The Bride

When shopping for wedding attire, it’s crucial that you start on time and have various factors in mind. From matching the shoes with the dress to paying attention to the weather, and looking for a pair that won’t make you sit around all day but dance your heart out, you should be careful when you go shoe hunting. If you’re in the middle of the search and you need some guidance, feel free to rely on some of the following tips.

Keep the weather in mind

The type of the shoes you’ll be wearing at your wedding certainly depends a lot on your personal taste, but it should also depend on the season in which the big day is held as well as on the weather that’s predicted for the day. Even though you won’t be able to know for sure whether it’ll rain or snow on your wedding day, you can still know for sure whether to go for sandals, pumps, booties or full-on boots for example. Consider having a back-up pair that you can wear in case the shoes you originally wanted end up being inappropriate.

Don’t forget to consider the terrain at the venue

Do not go shoe shopping before you book the venue, or at least until you know for sure where you want your wedding to be. If you switch from a ballroom to the beach, for example, it’ll be very difficult for you to walk in the stiletto pointy toe pump on the sand. Therefore, only after you book the venue should you go look for the perfect pair of wedding shoes.

Match the style of the shoes with the dress

Another important thing to remember is that you need to buy your wedding gown before you buy the shoes. One of the reasons behind it is that you want the shoes to match the dress and not the other way around. Furthermore, if you go for a short dress, you’ll want glamourous sandals to add some glitz to an entire ensemble, and if on the other hand, you go for a long ballgown, you won’t have to go for too sparkly shoes. Also, if your dress turns out to be too long, try it on with the shoes before you go to the seamstress to make it shorter.

Don’t make your feet suffer too much

Let’s face it, you have to sacrifice some comfort for style, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding shoes should make your feet hurt after only making a few steps in them. Therefore, try to balance out the glam and comfort in the best way possible. For example, you don’t have to look for an extremely thin or high heel but instead go for the height that you’ll be able to walk in, without praying not to twist your ankle after every step you make. If you like flats, go with flats on your big day too and whether you go for sleek, pointy-toed styles or boho crochet slip-ons, you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Shop for shoes months before the wedding

It’s essential that you do not wait until the last minute to look for the wedding shoes. You’ll need weeks to break them in, and as previously mentioned, they’ll come in handy if you need to take your wedding dress to the tailor to do a few length alterations. Furthermore, shopping for shoes can be time-consuming, and if you’re running out of time, you may end up buying the shoes without even trying them on, which should never be an option. You need to know whether they fit you well or not because you need to spend an entire day in them.

Looking for the perfect wedding shoes can be a piece of cake if you only know where to start from. Don’t forget to consider the weather and the venue, look for shoes on time, and look for the style according to the gown. Only then should you pick out the shoes that will both look and feel amazing.