How Do You Not Lose Your Mind When Planning A Wedding

It gets crazy when trying to plan a wedding in a short notice, say, a week or even less than a month. In most cases, it can take as long as a year to set everything right for a wedding. This, of course, depends on the magnitude of the wedding – the number of guests, venue, etc.

But planning for a low profile wedding isn’t an easy task either, more so if you must plan it in a short time navigate to this website. Here is how to plan for a wedding without going bonkers:

1. Create a checklist


A checklist is a wonderful tool that helps you stay focused and never forget any detail amidst the panic. Furnish your checklist with details concerning the groom, bridegroom, family, VIP guests, other guests, venue, gown, taking pictures and videos, wedding rings…everything that defines a perfect wedding – in your opinion, of course.

2. Do research

Consult widely on how to make the wedding better. Friends and wedding planners will never run out of brilliant ideas about such things as the venue, choice of the wedding gown, decorations, budgeting and so on.

Hit the web and glance at the advice given by wedding blogs and combine them with yours to make the big day unforgettable.

3. Hurt someone’s feelings – Yes, you’ll never please everyone, after all

The main headache that comes with planning a wedding the “obligation” to add every friend and family member related to you in the plan – the bigger the group, the more stressful it becomes to plan the way ahead. And things could get worse if you must plan the wedding in a short time.


You’re set to hurt some feelings by leaving out a few loved ones who don’t really need to be there. Some of them may understand but others may remember the holiday get-together they once called you for – and you went! Well, if they take issue with the snub then you would not have wanted them to attend anyway.

4. Make sacrifices

A wedding is a costly affair – bridal bouquets can cost as much as US$400! Clearly, you’ll have to make significant financial sacrifices for the big day especially if you don’t have a savings account for emergencies.