Here’s How To Choose A Wedding Dress

A bridal salon stylist is an expert who understands how to choose a wedding dress perfect for your ideal body shape. However, if you still have to deal with it all on your own, do not worry. This article is going to show you what to wear and what to do to look gorgeous and feel extra special on that special day. So, just read on and get inspired.

Get the right fit

The first thing to remember is how to choose a wedding dress is to get the right fit. Always ensure that the one you are looking at is the perfect fit for you. If you are on a very tight budget, try to go for off-the-rack dresses that will help you save some money. On the other hand, if you know that you will be spending more money on it, go for dresses that are custom-made. This way, you will be able to custom-fit it according to your body type and the theme of your venue.

bride in wedding dress

Consider the neckline

Another important thing to consider is the neckline. Choosing a V-neck dress or any style with an extremely low neckline will only make you look fat. In contrast, choosing a high neckline will only emphasize your thin legs. Therefore, when it comes to the neckline, always remember that it should be the focal point of your attire. You can also play around with different necklines such as a halter neckline, which is very elegant, or even a more casual one such as a V-neckline with an off-center buttoning.

When it comes to the hips, you have plenty of choices. You can choose a V-neck dress that will accentuate your hips, or you can opt for a longer skirt. Remember that when trying to enhance the curves of your hips, you don’t always have to choose a long skirt. A shorter one is much better as it will give the illusion of a slimmer waistline. If you really want to play up the illusion of a thinner waistline, wearing a long dress with an empire waistband is the best option.

bride in wedding dress

Consider the season

Your choice of a gown also depends on the season. Summer wedding dresses are designed to be loose and comfortable while winter ones are designed to be elegant and beautiful. One of the most important factors that will help you decide which style of gown to wear is the type of fabric that the gown is made of. The traditional base is on the knee but nowadays there are different styles that you can use to create different styles. For instance, tea-length wedding dresses have a totally different look from the traditional knee-length gowns.

Match it with your make-up

In addition to the style of the base, another thing that will help you make sure that you will look great in the photos is the amount of makeup that you apply to your face. Some brides do not like the heavy dark shadows, so they choose a more feminine look by applying a light translucent color of eye shadow over their eyelids. Of course, this will make you look even more feminine. Brides who are afraid of applying heavy makeup should opt for a semi-sheer foundation. Brides who want to add a little bling to their faces should try applying glitter eyeliner and chandelier mascara. These types of makeup are quite popular and will make you stand out in the pictures.

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Consider the wedding venue

Once you have chosen the perfect dress that will compliment your figure, it is important that you also choose the right venue for your reception. It would be very embarrassing if your dress does not fit the theme of the venue and the menu. Most bridal boutiques will offer wedding dresses and other accessories to their customers, but make sure that you check carefully about the prices, delivery charges, and other fees so that you will know how much you will spend on the dress and other accessories.

Take pictures while shopping

One way how to choose a wedding dress that will last is to choose a gown that has some features that will make it easier for you to get the pictures taken. There are gowns that have underwires which will make it easier for the photographer to get a good shot of you. If you want to choose the right dress, remember that even the most expensive dress won’t last forever. So, find a gown that will last for a long time and make sure that you pick the right store for your purchase.