Fun Pool Party Ideas You Must Try Before the Summer Ends

As this summer approaches its end, it would be a pity not to throw at least one more pool party in your backyard. And even if your previous parties have been a success, you might want to add some twists to make your next one even more memorable. After all, it’s so much fun to gather all your friends and family to celebrate summer, soak up the sun and goof off in the pool. So, what could be those ideas that would keep everyone raving about your pool party long after the summer is over?


Everyone loves balloons, no matter how old they are. That’s why you should use them for your next pool party. You can create a rainbow using balloons, either over the pool or the patio. Just inflate them with helium, attach to decorating strips and secure them with some weights. You can round it off by adding grass garlands to the tables or filling the pool with colourful inflatable toys. Alternatively, you could make palm trees using balloons. Inflate three orange ones with air and tie their ends together. Tie another group of three balloons and stack them on top and tie both layers with a ribbon. Continue adding layers until you have a full trunk. Inflate smaller balloons, which will be your coconuts and tie them to the top layer. Then use twisty green balloons to make palm fronds.

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns come in various shapes, sizes and colours and can be a really great decorative element. You can just string up a lei garland and dangle paper lanterns on it. Adding lights and balloon topiaries will create an even better impact. Another thing you can do with them is make amazing floating jellyfish. Just use curling ribbons, iridescent ribbons, streamers and strips of plastic table-cover to make tentacles. Pinch and pull the plastic with your fingertips to get the ruffled look and finish by hanging them on a clear fishing line for an extraordinary underwater world.

Food and drinks

One of the most important things at every party is the variety of food and drinks on offer. Since you’re hosting a party in hot weather, you want to have enough cold drinks of all sorts and some light food. Be careful not to serve too much alcohol, because the combination of alcohol and hot weather is never a good one. Perhaps the best idea is to turn to some of the local catering companies, which can organise everything for you, so that you can devote your time and energy to having fun.


Another important thing you have to provide at your party is music. Make sure your sound system is at a safe distance from the pool and any other kind of water for safety reasons. Create playlists well in advance, so that you don’t have to act as a DJ on the day. If you’re throwing a themed party, try to choose music that goes well with the theme and you’ll see that everyone will have a blast. If your party will be attended by kids as well, include some of the songs they like or some that are popular among their generation.


It’s often said that the best entertainment moments come when you don’t plan them. Though this may be true, it’s always a good idea to have some entertainment ideas up your sleeve. The activities you choose depend on the people you’ve invited and their preferences, but you might want to include some suggestions that you’ve never tried before, so that everyone is surprised. You could have some games in or around the pool, but they should be entertaining to all. Otherwise, some people will probably feel bored and leave the party early.

Pool parties are a great thing and those lucky enough to have a pool in their backyard and enough space to entertain friends should do so as often as possible, especially in the summer, when the days are longer and warmer and when everyone is feeling more energised.