Fast Fashion: What Does That Mean?

Fast fashion is a popular term used to describe an exploitative and highly lucrative online business model, based upon re-creating high-street and catwalk styles and fashions and mass-produced them at a significant discount. The term fast fashion also is used generically to describe the finished products of this online business model. In clothing terms, fast fashion includes dresses, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, tops, boots, hats, jewelry, and workwear. For the purposes of this article, we will restrict our attention to what is known as fast fashion footwear. This term is particularly confusing, given that the footwear appears to have no generic meaning in the context of clothing.

Cheap and mass-produced clothes

As previously mentioned, many different types of goods are manufactured in countries such as China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other developing nations. Some of these garments become popular among local consumers who try them out for various reasons, some of which are: because they look cool, because they are trendy, because of a particular designer’s reputation, or simply because they are cheaper than the mass-produced, branded versions. In other words, consumers do not buy fast fashion garments because they fit their budget, but because they want to wear these garments. They are influenced by the latest fashions and trends. Online retailers who sell this type of merchandise are able to take advantage of this fact because of the huge number of consumers who visit these websites every day.

woman posing outside in trendy fashion outfit

Promotion of brands

If you consider what is fast fashion then it is clear that the business is heavily dependent on the promotion of fashion brands that are associated with the latest fashions and trends. These companies invest a lot of money into research and development because they know that if they launch a new style, then they must be able to market it effectively so that they can capture a large portion of the marketplace. And one way they are able to do this is by producing and marketing clothing that is both fashionable and ethically produced.

The fast-paced environment in which the clothing industry operates today means that it pays to be creative, innovative, and on the ball when it comes to producing clothing that is both Trendy and Ethical. Fast Fashion has also made great strides forward in recent years, which means that ethical textiles and accessories are becoming more readily available. As a result of this, companies such as ethane are seeing increased sales. By promoting ethical products, we can ensure that these companies continue to make positive headway into the future.

woman in fast fashion clothes

Why is fast fashion popular?

One of the reasons that what is fast fashion continues to be popular, regardless of whether it is associated with a particular fashion brand or an ethical one, is the fact that consumers have become much more price-sensitive than they used to be. With petrol increasing so dramatically, it is hardly surprising that people are buying cheaper clothes. When you think about the amount of money that is spent on petrol for your vehicle each week, you begin to realize that the amount of money that is spent on clothes is really quite small. In the same way that the cost of petrol increases each week, the cost of garments also goes up.

Another reason why garments are so much more expensive on the high street compared to the internet is the fact that the production process requires many more natural resources. This means that the high street shops must pay a lot more money to have these garments produced, which translates to the garments costing considerably more on the high street than they do online. One reason why this is the case is that garment production cannot be done entirely in factories anymore, as there are too many issues that come with it. Some of these issues include animal rights activists trying to disrupt factory operations.

woman posing in red jumpsuit and holding white bag

High fashion brands online

This is why it is easier to find ethically produced, high fashion brands online stores than it is from the high fashion brands store on the high street. Because of the price differences between the two types of shops, people who wish to buy new clothes tend to shop around a little bit before committing to buying anything. This is particularly true of smaller shops because it is far harder to guarantee that a particular pair of trousers will go on to be unsold because it is simply impossible to guarantee that a particular pair of jeans will not be unsold. Many smaller shops rely on loyal customers, word of mouth, or previous customer referrals to make their money back. However, this can be difficult, and in some cases, it may not be possible to guarantee that a particular pair of jeans will not become unsold.

If clothes manufacturers and other fast-fashion retailers can reduce the number of items that they have to unload per year then they can cut the costs of running the business and improving their bottom line. The whole process of creating new clothes and maintaining inventories can take a significant amount of money, so reducing the number of units that need to be kept on hand per year can dramatically lower the cost of doing business. In addition, ethical clothing can be bought in bulk. As supply chains are improved, the cost per unit can be brought down even further.