Saul William Black Spirituals Collection

Whenever the names of the great American poets are mentioned, Saul Williams name will always be there. His works cut across spiritual and political realms. The poet followed the footsteps of other black writers before him such as Amira Baraka and Bob Kaufman. He regarded himself as the disciple of these great poets.

His work is distinguishable from his style. He is known to make a combination of theme and rhythms of beat and black art poets in his writings. He wrote creatively and the greatest of his work includes the Seventh Octave, Said the shotgun to the head as the S ahe are remarkable. This is because these tackle the political, social, as well as spiritual issues that were confronting the American society at the time.


His performance is highly evaluated and it is rated very high because of the style and passion he delivers the work. The writings apart from being creative are admired because of pulsing frenzy. The work is mind twisting. The poet work is remarkably different and it can always lead to great music. When he started his work, he used to work in collaboration with different categories of artists and DJs. He is fond of reciting his great verses with hip-hop backbeat.


His musical career came to the limelight when he recorded his album in the year 2001, and the name of the album is Amethyst Rock Star. He followed this with another major release three years later. This latest release was all about himself Saul Williams. In this music, he told his own story himself. He explained how he understands music and how he approaches music. He made it clear that his approach to music was that of a musician and not as a poet and so on.



Although in later days of his life Saul Williams tried a major shift to music, but that does not do away with the fact that words and the use of words remained the major thing that defined his path. Thus, he was a poet and a singer. His songs and poems are also directed towards one thing and that is spirituality. He wants to use this passion to demonstrate his political consciousness. He wanted to define a way for hip-hop music, which he strongly was out of the track from what the music was known for. He wanted to bring it back to the days of De La Soul and Public Enemy. The songs as far he was concerned were full of negativity and he felt that this was a disservice to the people.

As a musician, one could see that Saul mingle sober lyrics with hip-hop beat. His songs were such that can always turn the spirit.

Saul is called that the leading voice in the spoken word scene. He came to his top career in the 1990s, when he became the grand slam champion in the famous Nuyorican Poets. Indeed, his career came to peak in the 1990s and since then he remained the leading voice in that industry. The great poet has indeed shown that one can combine poetry with music. In both aspects, he made a great impact and tried to change society through his creative ability.