Create the Perfect Night-Time Outdoor Entertaining Space

With summer finally here, everyone tries to spend as much time outdoors as possible, especially in the evenings when the heat is down, the breeze light and the spirits up. And what better place to spend pleasant nights with your loved ones than your own backyard? You don’t have to go out every night in search of fun and entertainment, you can have it on your backyard patio which can become your favourite hangout space with a few nifty design ideas.

It surely requires some sweeping and cleaning, but to transform your patio into a fun hub, you’ll need some of the following ideas.

Make sure there’s plenty of seating space

The best party patios need a lot of seating which can be a challenge if you’re working with a smaller space. The perfect compromise is a sectional sofa that will fit well without cramping the space. They can seat up to four or five people and with the right colourful cushions and a cute coffee table, they turn into a cosy conversational pit.

To maximize the space and accommodate for everyone, create sections where people can gather and move from one group to another. Set up a dining table with six to eight chairs for a sit-down meal, make a fire pit with deck chairs around for a night of roasting marshmallows, playing the guitar and telling stories and add a few comfy benches on the sides with plenty of soft pillows.

Make room for an outdoor kitchen, grill and bar

No one loves a good barbie more than Australians so a great party patio can’t be complete without an outdoor kitchen area with a bar and a grill. A great built-in grill will cater to all your guests and a bar will bring them all together for a chat over cold drinks and cocktails. Having everything in one place in a cosy setting will keep the party going without having to move around too much or go inside to get food and drinks.

Let there be plenty of light

For any great night-time party, proper illumination is a must. Obviously, it can’t be just overhead lighting but something that will create a lovely ambience at night. Consider installing soft and subtle bulbs with overhead fairy lights, lanterns and strips of hidden LED lights under the stairs and furniture. However, bear in mind such electrical work is serious work not meant and not even allowed to be a DIY project, so you should hire a professional electrician from Western Suburbs to install all the lighting according to code and standards.

Outdoor cinema experience

Australians have always loved the great outdoors so it’s only natural for them to bring all the entertainment there, including a cinematic experience. There’s a great choice nowadays of home cinema sets and digital TVs on the market and installing a system like that in your patio area will allow you to kick back and enjoy watching sports games and movie in the lovely summer nights.

You can also set up a big screen and a projector and have a real outdoor cinema suitable for all ages. Just make sure you have some additional comfy seats such as beanbags and lazy boys. They come in several sizes and are made of durable, heavy-duty fabric in a variety of styles so they’ll fit your patio décor theme and provide the ultimate comfort during your movie nights.

Giving your outdoor space a creative makeover and designing a perfect night-time entertainment space will take only a little time and effort, but you’ll end up having a welcoming and original place to have fun with your family and friends for years.