Best Women’s Work Outfits to Wear This Summer

Going to work in the summer is really difficult for several reasons: not only do you have to go there in scorching temperatures and work while daydreaming of beach parties and cold cocktails, but you also have to find an outfit that’s both professional and fit for the heat. Quite a challenge, isn’t it? If you dress so that you don’t sweat to death on your way to the office, this usually means that you’ll freeze to death while at your desk, and HR will probably not look too kindly on your outfit. Don’t worry; we prepared a list of the best summer work outfits for the ladies:

Linen forever


Linen is perfectly natural and incredibly comfortable, it allows your skin to breathe, and you can wear pretty much any piece of clothes made of linen during the warmest months. Even if you opt for a two-piece suit, you won’t feel like you’re suffocating and your movements won’t be restricted. Linen shirts and skirts are also a great choice as you can get them in any color and design that you might desire. Midi linen skirts are particularly fashionable this season and it’s no wonder that a lot of women in the East prefer clothes made of this material. 

Wrap dresses

Not only are wrap dresses incredibly comfortable, but they are appropriate and can make you look professional and feminine at the same time. The material that the dress is made of is important too because, if you pick one that’s made of thin silk or flimsy jersey, they can be too thin and cling too tightly on your frame. Girls in the US love their wrap dresses to be made of thicker materials such as polyester blends, thicker ponte, or even wool. The extra thickness might seem like too much in the warmth, but it’s perfect for air-conditioned offices. 

Silk to the rescue

Just like linen, silk is a natural material that feels good on your skin and allows it to breathe in high temperatures. Because of this, you can wear pretty much any garment made of silk to the office: skirts, shirts, pants, and even suits and jumpsuits. We are witnesses that women’s luxury fashion in Melbourne is very prominent and ladies aren’t afraid of wearing their silk pieces to the office. If you have a favorite silk shirt or a dress, don’t be afraid to style it up with other pieces such as blazers, scarves, and cardigans, and wear it to the office during warm summer months. 

The appropriate footwear


While you might not even think about wearing boots to the office in summer, there is other footwear you should also avoid. Flip-flops will never be appropriate for the office, no matter how laid-back the atmosphere is. It’s simply not professional to show up to work wearing something you would wear to a pool party. If open-toed sandals are allowed, by all means, go for it, but make sure you get a pedicure first. Among other office-appropriate footwear, simple flats are your best friends as are simple loafers or low clogs.