Best Makeup Tips for Night Out

It s amazing and makes you feel pretty just by looking at them! Have you ever been rushed around like crazy when attending a night out with friends? So frequently rushing around like crazy, that you can sometimes be amazed how healing it can be to take a bit more time to make yourself look pretty again! Here are some of our favourite make up tips for night out make up tips.

If you want to really accentuate your cheekbones and accentuate your eyes, a makeup tutorial or two could help. Start by applying a loose shimmer foundation to your entire face, then apply a loose shimmer concealer over your eye, and finally apply a highlight to your cheeks. You can then finish off your look with some gold eyeshadow and lip gloss. A few tips: Don’t forget your sunglasses, and always wear sunscreen.


When its time for applying makeup to your face, you’ll want to do some layers. Typically, powder will give you a natural look, while a bronzer will give you a look that is more dewy. Most bronzer’s are dewy, so using a liquid blush will give your face that nice soft appearance. Makeup tips: Brush blush on smoothly with a small brush. If your blush is too powdery, you’ll look too dewy.


The next makeup trick is to apply a concealer that matches your lip color. For most women, the darker their lipstick, the lighter their foundation. However, not everyone wants to match their foundation and lipstick. For those who do, applying a concealer that matches your lip shade is the best way to go.


Your next step is to apply a highlighter to your inner corners. To do this, use your highlighter wand or your finger to put on some highlighter in the hollows of your eyes. Then, brush some shimmery powder into the outermost reaches of your eyes. You can also add some drops of colored eye liner into the inner corners for a beautiful flush of color.


When applying makeup on your eyelids, its best to use a good primer. To find the best primer, shake up any loose powder and tap it onto your eye for about 5 seconds. This will ensure that you have a good base for your makeup. Other makeup tricks include: priming with baby oil, eyeshadow primer, or even petroleum jelly.


The best makeup to use for your eyes is mascara. It’s best if you purchase a quality mascara, as cheaper ones tend to leave lumps and lines. Once you have applied your mascara, it’s best to put a tissue over your eyelashes to hold the mascara in place. Mascara goes on thick, so once you have applied it, to remove excess, use a cotton bud. If you have very long lashes, use a curling iron to make sure they stay in place. If you have thin lashes, don’t use mascara with large bristles, as it may cause them to curl.

Shimmery eyeliner

To complete your look, put on some shimmery eye liner. This makeup tricks consists of simply using a large eye liner brush and filling in the eye with shadow. Finish your look off with a bit of shadow on your eyelids and a bit of mascara, if you want to. If you want to stay away from foundation and liner, don’t forget your shimmery eye liner!

Black liner

For the third tip, go for thick, black liner. To do this, line up your lower lash line with a black eyeliner brush. Once you’ve lined your lash line, put some black eyeliner pencil on your finger and line the inner corner of each one of your eyes. Do the same for your middle lashes and outer edge lashes. Now you’re ready for the mascara effect!

Blush and contour

To complete the makeup application, put some blush on your face and apply a highlight on the areas of your neck and shoulders that you would like highlighted. You could also apply blush to your cheeks. These makeup tips work best if you choose a light or nude blush shade. For the best effect, apply the blush from the inside corner to the outer edges. The blush should be about two shades lighter than your natural skin tone for it to be as intense as you want it to be.


Put some waterproof mascara on your eyelid and use a tiny brush to put some powder on your brush. Brush your lashes lightly from the outside to the inside corner, which will appear as a natural curl. Then brush your curl on your entire lid and blend. That’s it! Apply your eyeliner, blush, and mascara and you are all set for a night out on the town.