Best Fall Makeup Trends For 2021 You Have To Try

Fall makeup trends are all about bronze, burnt orange, and mocha shades. There is no defined “flavor of the season,” so every woman can create her signature look. In addition to bronze and burnt orange, purples, pinks, browns, and greens are also popular. One thing that is consistent across all shades is that you should use a neutral shade for your lid area and highlight the brows with a darker shade at the brow bone. This highlights your face and brings out your eyes in a stunning way. Here are the best makeup trends for fall.

Natural makeup with hint of gold

Bite-wear-in-all-cups style is back and it’s hotter than ever. Your best options include neutral skin tones with a hint of gold for a soft appeal. A nude lip gloss is always a good choice to start, followed by a bold red lipstick to bring out the best features. Finish off the look with sexy black high-lips and a dramatic colored eye shadow. It’s best to avoid shiny powders and thick glosses because they tend to be too frosty. Instead opt for lightweight, matte shadows with a cool base and a strong brush for a smudge-proof finish.

girl with natural and gold makeup

Plum, violet, burgundy, and chocolate

Fall takes us out of the winter blues and brings in exciting color trends like plum, violet, burgundy, and chocolate. One of the sexiest lipstick looks is pencil liner that goes on flush against the lips. You can also add in a dab of blush for an extra pop of color. Add some sheer eyeliner to define your eyelids and some mascara for that extra drama. Try a mauve liner for a warm and sexy look.


Eyebrows are probably one of the sexiest parts of the eyes and are an essential element of fall makeup trends. High-quality eyeshadow will give you a defined area for your eyebrows to accentuate your eyes, create a more unique eyebrow shape and highlight your eye color. Another important thing to consider when choosing eyeshadow is to go natural. If you want to try something bold try red lips instead of using black or brown lipstick.

girl with strong eyebrows


When it comes to fall makeup trends, there isn’t a trend that’s complete without a few sexy highlights and face contouring. The best way to get these sexy highlights is to use gold, bronze, and copper shadow in conjunction with your normal base shade. For a little daytime glam, use bronze eyeshadow along with charcoal, green, and silver eye shadow.

Some women find it difficult to find the right color palette for their face so here are a few fall makeup trends to help you choose the right palette. When choosing a palette, opt for a neutral base color with a strong vibrant highlight. You want to create rosy cheekbones so look for a warm brown to red blend or go with a rich golden brown with a green overlay. A dark pink to orange palette will give you a beautiful flush of color around your eyes while a soft gold will give you a soft sexy look. You can even use a solid red lip liner if you want a little more drama in your lip.

girl with minimal makeup look

Minimal makeup look

One of the most popular fall makeup trends is a very minimal makeup look. This look includes applying a very thin layer of foundation over your entire face, then applying a medium shade of blush on your eyelids, lightly dabbing a sheer mascara onto your lips, and lightly brushing your brow bone. The key to this makeup is highlighting your eyes and your jawline. Apply your makeup evenly and make sure your makeup stays on all night. Here’s a little trick to create a much sexier inner corner.

Eyelash extension

One of the newest makeup trends for women is eyelash extension. Many different extensions are ranging from thin lashes to longer lashes. They are applied by applying the eyelash liner and then filling it in with mascara. To get those extra pop of eyelashes you’ll want to use a thicker liner that extends your lashes longer.