A Fashionable Man: Top 4 Wardrobe Tips

With every passing trend, we feel like we’re back to square one with our style. However, while the fashion may be fleeting sometimes, staying stylish certainly isn’t. No matter the trends you’re seeing on the latest runways, what will make you a truly fashionable man is your attitude and the way in which you flaunt your wardrobe. That’s why a few wardrobe tips will allow you to always stay fashionable no matter the current fashion hype.

Pick your jackets wisely


A choice of the jacket can easily elevate your casual look if you only know what to choose. With a well-fitting blazer, you’ll easily turn your casual game into a work-appropriate business casual outfit. Step up your casual outfit up a notch and invest in a navy blue and a black blazer for starters. Beige and various shades of grey will also be a great choice. To make your top part look more interesting, think about layering under the jacket. If you maybe opt for a denim jacket, feel free to layer a button-down shirt under and a chunky wool jacket over it. 

Stick to fitted trousers

Everything that looks too baggy on your behind will not make you fashionable. Therefore, be sure you always go for a pair of trousers that fit you well in all the places. This is especially important if you, like many Australians, enjoy rocking the casual streetwear sort of outfit, i.e. the good old t-shirt and jeans. Be aware of the way your jeans fit around your waist and ankles. If they can keep themselves up without a belt and don’t pool around the ankles, you’ve got the right fit. To complement your stylish jeans, feel free to buy men’s street wear from Australia and make your outfit the major talk around the town with a hip t-shirt. Try out various fits of trousers until you find your perfect pair because a slim fit won’t look the same on an athletic man and on someone who doesn’t spend much time around the gym.

Look after your footwear


One of the most important parts of your wardrobe is your footwear. Unless you keep them trendy and comfortable, but above all, clean and tidy, you won’t be able to be the most fashionable version of yourself. Therefore, expand your horizons beyond sneakers and aim for desert boots as one of the transitional options to more styled-up footwear. Feel free to look into boat shoes, brogues, loafers, pull-on boots and always have a pair of black and brown dress shoes in your wardrobe. You never know when a company’s formal event will come up, or if you want to dress up for your date a bit.

Accessorize well

Accessories will give you that extra flair you need to look dashing. A fashionable watch will embellish your wrist enough to make you look sharp and never be late. Go for functional, rugged sports models because they’ll go with anything. Spruce up a dull outfit with a stylish watch or a leather bracelet even. As long as you keep your wrists dressed up, your outfit won’t look boring in the slightest. Pocket squares will look great during a formal event, and always harmonise them with what you are wearing. Even better, match your tie and a pocket square to your date’s dress’s colour for the wow effect. 

Final thoughts

Keeping your style fashionable will require you sticking to a few simple rules. Make sure your wardrobe always fits you well, elevate your outfit with a trendy jacket, and be sure to pick out up-to-the-minute footwear. With carefully picked out accessories your outfit will always be on point and you won’t have to worry about looking outdated.