5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding

When planning or a wedding, there is much at stake, and so much to consider. You will never run out of advice from anywhere. In fact, everyone will have a tip or two for you. Things that they wish they would have included during their planning process.

Or suppliers providing you with suggestions based on their experience. So, are you ready to walk in this journey and have everything in place come the material day? In this guide, we discuss the top 5 tips for planning your wedding.

1. Develop a budget

Starting a basic budget spreadsheet to track down the items that you require and their cost is vital. A budget spreadsheet will help you keep track of the things you need and the estimated cost, from here, you can add actual cost as you receive quotes from different wedding vendors. To determine the best market value, it is advisable that you identify and request for quotes from different vendors. In turn, this will help you receive the best value for your money.



Once you have locked down a vendor and agreed on the payment terms, it is recommended that you note when the final payments are due, so you will not have to go back to all the contracts and invoices again. Sourcing and having the right vendors which meet your budget is a significant part of planning for your wedding. It helps you be sure of the things you require and have them delivered at the right time, at the right cost.

2. Guest List

Sorting the guest list early as you plan your wedding is critical. It will help you in finding the perfect venue that will cater to the number of the chosen guests. Besides, preparing a list and sending out invitations in good time allow your guests to prepare adequately for your big day.



Moreover, it is worthy to note that cost per ahead is always the most significant expenses; hence you don’t be guilt-tripped into sending out invites to people you don’t want to come. Probably, coming up with a guest list is one of the hardest decisions you have to make in the whole process of planning, but the decision has to be made between you and your fiancé.

3. Get the Menu Right

One of the most significant talking points at a wedding is the food. From roast cakes to buffers, chips, hog roast, and mini fish, the quirkier, the better. Avoid being skimpy in this sector-hungry guests are never a good thing.

4. Create a timeline and Style Guide

It is a perfect idea to create a rough timeline from the beginning of your planning process. Begin by adding the start time and reception, then proceed and fill in information as you receive it from your vendors. In this way, you will know how to check at different milestones. Moreover, it is a good thing to create some style guides. The most fun way to start with your style guide plan is to look at some few guides from Pinterest and pick one that best suits your needs.

5. Feel Fabulous, but never overdo it

Everyone wants to look amazing in their wedding photos. Hence if you are looking for a confidence boost, now is the time to adapt to a healthy dieting plan and practice a few simple exercises to tone your body. Additionally, never fall for the common beauty mishap.

Bonus Tip: It is always good to have a plan B. However much you don’t want to think about it, anything can go wrong. Hence, always have an alternative way if things don’t go as per your plan.